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Polo Community Coach

Community Coach another initiative from the polo locos at POLO Magazine. It is completely free to use. To access the Editing Tool you must log in. Latest Coaching Sessions - enables a view of list of all sessions. Submit Your Own Image for Coaching - creates a new session for comment. Alert - This Tool is Not Well Moderated .  Please do not upload any images or use this tool if you are not prepared for Unmoderated Comments. DO NOT UPLOAD IMAGES THAT ARE NOT YOURS.

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why isnt this a foul

Where do I fix this

How to stop pony from avioding other players

how can this be improved

Is this a forehand?

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Happens to me all the time how do I get around this?


What is going on in this photo Does anyone know?


How can he play without foul?


Why is this the best polo field?

lechuza 6 polomagazine

Learn from others

1-IMG 8342

How can hit a ball above the Shoulder?

1-IMG 9961

Where is the Line of the Ball here?