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Polish, Prestige and Polo Patrons

23. HM Queen Noor of Jordan  Mr Arnaud Bamberger

The aristocratic Guards Polo Club hosts the most prestigious blue-blood event on the British polo calendar, The Queens Cup. Watched by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, alongside a gilt-edge list of distinguished guests and polished crowd of polo aficionados, there is no other polo tournament in the world that holds such cachet.

Arnaud M. Bamberger, Executive Chairman Cartier Ltd, and Laurent Feniou, Managing Director Cartier Ltd, were uniquely acknowledged before the match started with the Band of the Grenadier Guards parading on the field into the shape of the figure 30 to celebrate Cartier's three decades of
sponsorship of polo at Guards Polo Club.

Above -
1 Her Royal Highness HM Queen Noor of Jordan and Arnaud M. Bamberger, Executive Chairman Cartier Ltd
Below -
2 Mr Galen Weston, The Hon. Hilary Weston
3 Mr & Mrs Urs Schwarzenbach
4 Ms Bianca Jagger
5 Mr and Mrs Garth Bearman
6 Lord_&_Lady_Milford_Haven
7 Ms Frances O'Connor
8 Ms Kristin Davis, Mr Laurent Feniou
10 Ms Michelle Dokery
11 Ms Stephanie Powers
12 Ms Kristin Davis
13 Mr Hugo Bamberger, Mr and Mrs Arnaud Bamberger
14 Mr and Mrs Eduardo Novillo Astrada
15 Miss Greta Bellamacina, Misss Amber Atherton, Misss Poppy Jamie
16 Lord & Lady Milford Haven
17 Miss Caroline Beresford, Lady Beresford
18 Mr Laurent Feniou, Ms Michelle Dockery
19 Mr Rupert Finch, Lady Natasha Finch
20 Mr and Mrs Laurent Fenios, Ms Jilly Cooper, Ms Emily Tarrant
21 Mr and Mrs Giorgio Veroni, Mr and Mrs Borris Becker
22 HM Queen Noor of Jordan
23 Emily Tarrant, Jilly Cooper
24 Ms Kristin Davis, Mr Arnaud M Bamberger
25 Mr & Mrs Laurent Feniou


7. Mr Galen Weston The Hon. Hilary Weston

6. Mr  Mrs Urs Schwarzenbach3. Ms Bianca Jagger22. Mr and Mrs Garth Bearman14. Lord  Lady Milford Haven4. Ms Frances OConnor5. Ms Kristin Davis Mr Laurent Feniou8. Ms Michelle Dockery9. Ms Stephanie Powers10. Ms Kristin Davis11. Mr Hugo Bamberger Mr and Mrs Arnaud Bamberger12. Mr and Mrs Eduardo Novillo Astrada13. Miss Greta Bellamacina Misss Amber Atherton Misss Poppy Jamie15. Miss Caroline Beresford Lady Beresford16. Mr Laurent Feniou Ms Michelle Dockery17. Mr Rupert Finch Lady Natasha Finch18. Mr and Mrs Laurent Fenios Ms Jilly Cooper Ms Emily Tarrant19. Mr and Mrs Giorgio Veroni Mr and Mrs Borris Becker20. HM Queen Noor of Jordan21. Emily Tarrant Jilly Cooper24. Ms Kristin Davis Mr Arnaud M Bamberger24a Mr  Mrs Laurent Feniou25. Cartier polo in action26. Cartier Queens Cup Final

The summit of the day was the exhilarating play for the Queen’s Cup between Zacara and Talandracas. An impressive performance over the highly regarded Talandracas ensured that Zacara patron Lyndon Lea stepped forward to receive the trophy from HM The Queen. In fact
Zacara had an easier time than even they thought possible, winning the game 10-7, and were so dominant in
the first half of the match that they were 6-2 up at half-time.
‘The King of Jewellers’, Cartier, celebrated a long-standing tradition of supporting polo over 30 years, the true
‘Sport of Kings’ the world over. Cartier UK is delighted to continue its involvement in the prestigious highgoal
Queen’s Cup tournament.
The tournament itself began on Tuesday 20th May, commencing three weeks of electrifying high-goal polo.
This world-leading tournament concluded yesterday, Sunday 15th June, with the historic final played in the
presence of HM The Queen. With 15 teams entering this most prestigious of tournaments, all expectations
were exceeded.
To mirror the impressive talent on the field, Cartier invited guests from the worlds of stage, screen, sport,
society, and literature into the Cartier enclosure, welcoming them to the elegant reception, serving Cartier
champagne and a lunch created by Mosimann’s.