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Keep Professionals Out! Club Polo Only!!

  • Uploaded by James Gulliere FPPC
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Why does everything have to become ..well ..ouer comercialized??!!! Polo has done very well without the help of sponsors and advertisers in the past for a long long time It keeps the game where it should be kept in the club at club level. With those that can afford it. Why does everything have to be openned up to everyone. Socialism if you ask me. If you can't stand the heat then get out of the kitchen.

I have been at many a club season highlight tournament final and enjoyed the local party and the celebrations win or lose afterward over the years. When people always had time to stick around and celebrate not only the winners but a successful event and a job well done by all, volunteers and people who work hard for the love of the sport. Time to thank everyone and even low and behold just enjoy time to relax with friends. Just like a sport should be.

Over the last decade I have seen genuine polo clubs that have enjoyed excellent support from volunteers and surrounding communities shut down because professionals and trumped up stock brokers and bank johnnies entering the sport as bank rolling patrons have flown in with their hired guns won the match and not even stuck around to celebrate the win. Fly by night Patrons with only selfish interests of their own leave no room to encourage real talent to come up through the club system. I learnt to ride and play the game on an old paint horse lent to me by a polo club pony breeder who gave his horses out to youngsters showing an interest that couldnt afford to keep their own. Been many a year since Ive seen anyone else around here even stop to help out a keen potential player get started these days. They are all too busy flying around in their helicopters and leaving the field before the presentations have even started.

Ban Professionals! Keep the sport for Club Polo Only!!!!